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Glued Laminated Timber

Glued Laminated Timber, or glulam for short, is a high specification engineered timber beam, fabricated by bonding together stress-graded planed timber laminations, with their grain in the direction of the member. This forms a structural unit of excellent strength and dimensional stability.

Cross-laminated timber

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a solid panel product, formed in a similar fashion to glulam beams. It is manufactured in panels that have an odd number of softwood plank layers laid on top of each other at right angles, which are glued together under pressure. The layers of timber are bonded perpendicularly to one another. Walls, floors and roofs can be made out of these pre-fabricated panels, reducing construction time and delivering whole-life cost savings.

CLT is fast becoming the number one solution for schools and education. And, thanks to its flexibility and speed of build – along with its ability to go more storeys than traditional timber frame – we are also seeing it move into the high-end residential sector.
Lucas Fettes
Mary Riley Associates
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