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timber industry can make a significant contribution

to sustainable construction for sustainable communities

STA Code of Conduct

code_of_practiceIt is vitally important that our Association is not just the voice of sustainable construction, but that the STA logo itself represents the best quality standards. In that way, you can be assured that by using a STA member, you will benefit from delivery of the highest standards of technical excellence and safety on site. From the outset, we make sure that our members operate in the correct manner. We have strict criteria about who can join, and we audit our members to guarantee that they are delivering industry best practice.

The timber industry believes that it can make a significant contribution to sustainable construction for sustainable communities. Timber, as a construction material, has a significant role to play in helping to protect the local and global environment. The STA positively supports sustainable construction and encourages members to follow the Code of Conduct below:

1. To promote the use of structural timber products which are sourced from well-managed sustainable sources and
communicate our commitment to customers and consumers.

2. Ensure staff consultants and sub-contractors are suitably trained and competent and have recognised qualifications.

3. Promote the Trading Terms as set out by the STA, both up and down the supply chain (the STA is signed up to the
Government’s Fair Payment Charter).

4. Comply fully with the STA quality requirements.

5. Comply fully with the STA Site Safe policy.

6. We will commit to improving the performance and reputation of the timber sector.

7. We shall be loyal to the interests of the STA and shall play an active part in the work of the STA.

Refrain from publicly expressing critical comment on the services, conduct or charges of a fellow member.

9. Pledge to assist each other in all matters of common concern and provide the STA with such statistics and other
information as may from time to time be requested.

10. Adhere to the STA Vision and Values.

Download our Code of Conduct here (PDF)

    Download our Visions and Values Document (PDF)
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