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Reaction to the Autumn Statement

Andrew Carpenter, chief executive of the Structural Timber Association, reacts to this afternoon's autumn statement.

"The Government continues to support the housing industry through the provision of finance for large scale projects, which is extremely welcome.  Also, the continuation of initiatives such as the Affordable Homes Programme for another two years is essential to maintain the right housing stock.

"Significant funding for large scale housing schemes offers the UK Government the chance to set standards for the future and further commit to off-site construction as the way forward.  Developments such as the 10,000 homes in Northstowe, would give the Government the chance to demonstrate how mass market sustainable and energy efficient homes can be built quickly and efficiently, through the use of off-site timber construction methods.  With its flexibility in design, inherent strength and environmental performance, ideal for both housing and commercial construction, a complete garden city could be built in timber – the case study of a lifetime!"

Lucas Fettes
Mary Riley Associates
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