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National Custom and Self Build Week - 3-11 May

Over the past decade, there has been a vast increase in the number of new homes being built in timber.
Over the past decade, there has been a vast increase in the number of new homes being built in timber.  Although the material proves popular with both house builders and the public sector, it is the self-build market which has truly embraced the materials, with 75% of self-builders using timber as their primary method of construction.  There are a number of reasons for the material’s popularity amongst the self-build community, including its superb environmental standards, design flexibility, speed of build, pre-installed insulation and its ability to meet increasingly stringent building standards.

The Structural Timber Association represents a wide cross section of the industry including suppliers, manufacturers, erectors and designers, as well as associate members which include contractors, architects, housebuilders, housing associations and end user clients.  The remit of the new body represents not just timber frame, but all manufacturers and users of structural timber products, including CLT, SIPS and Glulam.

As National Custom and Self Build Week is underway, it is a good time to think about why timber is the ideal self build material, but also why an STA member should be the first point of call in considering the product.   By using an STA member when building your own home, it bypasses the leap of faith that many have to take in employing a contractor.  The comfort factor an STA member brings is effectively a kite mark of quality and an assurance of craftsmanship.

You can be assured that by using an STA member, you will benefit from delivery of the highest standards of technical excellence and safety on site. From the outset, we make sure that our members operate in the correct manner.

STA members have the necessary expertise and skills and utilising the latest in timber technology and engineering to create amazing homes for their clients. Homes are manufactured in a factory environment to strict auditable quality standards. This means you get a home that arrives on site “right first time” and is erected in a matter of days. Plus, as STA members have access to the latest in training and education, your home will be built to the latest design and construction principles.

Timber products are sourced from well managed sustainable sources and members adopt good environmental supply chain management principles. Timber sourced from sustainably managed forests can be better than carbon neutral thereby reducing the carbon footprint of your build. STA members also maximise the benefits of structural timber design to reduce raw material waste during manufacture and construction thereby delivering best value for your build.

The STA logo is not just a badge; it is a tangible reassurance that members are delivering the highest standards of technical excellence and site safety. So, when looking at building your next timber-based project, be sure to make an STA member your first port of call!
Lucas Fettes
Mary Riley Associates
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