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Development Module Receives Accreditation

Innovative online learning tool, Architect’s Challenge, has achieved RIBA CPD accreditation.
Innovative online learning tool, Architect’s Challenge, has achieved RIBA CPD accreditation.

Developed by Wood Campus, in collaboration with the Structural Timber Association and supported by Wood for Good and Cortexa, the programme is designed to educate architects, architectural students and technicians in how to build in structural timber.  Unlike other CPD programmes, the Architect’s Challenge is fully interactive, taking participants through each RIBA work stage process, to plan and design a health centre built in timber.

Andrew Carpenter, chief executive of the Structural Timber Association said, “RIBA accreditation of the Architect’s Challenge is another step on the road to helping the construction industry utilise timber as a primary building material.  As the most sustainable build system available, we forecast that timber’s share of the market will increase dramatically in coming years, so it is vital that such training tools are in place.

“The programme is ideal for helping novices grasp the technical aspects of building in structural timber or to help experienced architects brush up on their skills, with an excellent library of technical information.  The scoring system which the programme offers also allows colleagues to see how they stack up against each other, which adds a competitive aspect to employees’ continued personal development."

The Architect’s Challenge joins the video-based introduction to timber in construction – ‘Timber: The Building Material of the Future’ – which is presented by the architect of the world’s tallest residential building, Andrew Waugh.

Both programmes are available at and
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