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The Structural Timber Association (STA) is working with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), the coalition of the ministry of defence with Right Management, to provide employment opportunities for ex-military personnel.

The CTP provides resettlement services for all those leaving the armed forces two years before and after discharge. Established to make the transition for ex-military personnel into civilian life as smooth as possible, the CTP is the official provider of Armed Forces resettlement. 

Recognising the skills ex-military personnel offer to potential employers within the construction industry, the STA has aligned itself with the CTP enabling STA members to promote job opportunities to those leaving the military.

The structural timber sector is in a unique position to facilitate and experience a recruitment surge having undergone rapid growth in recent years. Increasing its market share by 10% since 2004 and with predictions of a further 5% rise by 2018, recruitment within the sector is paramount to its continued success.

Furthermore, the recent Farmer Review identified that the growth of the construction industry primarily rests on the industry’s adoption of modern technologies, such as pre-manufacture – a method utilised by the structural timber frame sector, clearly signalling the future growth potential.

Ideally suited to the current construction environment that is contained by an industry wide skills shortage, pre-manufacture reduces time spent on site as well as reliance on onsite tradespeople.

As a method of alleviating the skills shortage and readying the structural timber sector for continued growth, the STA is encouraging ex-military personnel to enter the construction sector. Due to the factory-based environment of pre-manufacture, this can be achieved quickly when compared to the several years of training required for onsite trades.

To promote career opportunities within the sector to ex-military personnel across the country, the STA will be attending a series of road shows starting Thursday 2nd February.

Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive of the Structural Timber Association, said, “I am delighted that we are working with the Career Transition Partnership, to provide career opportunities for ex-servicemen and women.

“Utilising the vast amount of transferrable skills they already posses and offering training for a role within the construction sector will provide an essential influx of new professionals to alleviate the hold of the ongoing skills shortage. 

“With the structural timber frame sector projected to continue to increase, the opportunities within the sector are diverse, providing a multitude of roles for ex-military personnel at one of the most exciting times in the sector’s history.”

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