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STA Welcomes and Embraces Farmer Review Conclusions

All comments below to be attributed to Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive of the Structural Timber Association.

“The STA welcomes the Farmer Review and it’s frank report into the major challenges the construction industry faces today.

“The Farmer Review has outlined a pathway to building sufficient housing for UK residents and identifies that there must be a much greater focus on pre-manufacture.

“We wholeheartedly agree that this change needs to be led by clients expressly changing their needs and commissioning behaviour or government driving positive disruption. In the housebuilding market in particular, the STA would welcome the opportunity to collaborate further with housebuilders and developers, as off-site is an area that has been dominated by the timber sector for many years.

“Indeed, the structural timber frame sector has significant growth potential, with capacity to double its output if, and when, required due to years of significant investment in automated factory based manufacturing processes. 

“It is significantly easier and quicker to upskill those seeking a factory based role, providing an almost immediate solution, as opposed to the several years of training required for onsite trades.

“In addition, timber is a readily available sustainable material that can easily meet industry demands whereas other ‘traditional build materials’ have recently and consistently suffered supply shortages.

“Growing rapidly, experiencing a 10% market share increase since 2004 and now used in over 27% of new build homes across the UK, structural timber frame offers an efficient, consistent, quick and high quality solution to the current housing crisis that reduces build time by approximately 30%.

“By harnessing pre-manufacture construction methods, there is potential to achieve much more and the industry must come together to create a positive environment for change.”

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