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Design Documents

Includes information on cavity barriers, separating distance, differential movement and much more...

Building Towards a More Sustainable Future

General guidance for end users to select timber in their buildings.

UKTFA Comfort & Cost 2010

For the design teams to identify the benefits of timber frame construction to address thermal performance and value

Differential Movement in Platform Timber Frame

For designers of timber frame guidance on details to avoid defects caused by differential movement of timber frame.

Cavity Barriers

Best practice guidance on installation of cavity barriers for contractors and erectors

Design guide to separating distances

Timber frame structures tables and general solutions for Architects, developers and designers for timber frame buildings
Date - December 2012
Version 2.1


STA Product listing to comply with category B and C solutions in the design of separating distances

Version: 4.0
Date: September 2014

Design guide to separating distances during construction - Product Paper 4

Product Paper 4
Product assemblies to achieve different category levels for timber frame buildings
Date: January 2017
Author: Martin Milner
Version: 5.0

Design guide to separating distances during construction, Part 4 (For CLT type frame buildings)

STA design guide for design professionals and construction managers for the approach to design appropriate risk mitigation where appropriate for CLT buildings.  The construction applications of structures relevant to this paper are buildings such as houses, flats, schools, sports halls and civic centres.

Version; 1.1
Date: November 2014

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