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advice notes, information papers, construction details & technical bulletins

Construction Documents

Includes information on propping, bracing, cavity barriers, perimeter fencing, wireless fire alarms and much more...

Design Guide to Propping and Bracing

STA guide for site good practice and approach to erecting frames.

Cavity Barriers

Best practice guidance on installation of cavity barriers for contractors and erectors

Technical Document Perimeter fencing

A general guide for contractors on security perimeter fencing

Guidance notes on wireless fire alarms

A general guide for contractors on alarms

16 Steps to fire safety

The advice is for commercial building projects and is relevant for construction sites with a total floor areas above 600m2. The advice given is suitable buildings below 600m2 but single house developments should be assessed on the scale of the house and location for fire risks. The guidance relates to construction sites where timber is used as the structural method of build, but may also have benefits for all other types of sites and methods of construction.

7. Part 5 - Design of escape routes during the construction process

This advice note provides design information on the subject of escape distances for workmen exiting a building that is under construction. It is part of a series of advice notes on the fire robustness of structural timber buildings. This document is written to be of use to structural timber site contractors, principle contractors, persons responsible for CDM compliance and project planners. This guidance is written to compliment Step 8 of the STA 16 Steps guidance.

Design guide to separating distances during construction, Part 4 (For CLT type frame buildings)

This is a design guide for design professionals and construction managers for the approach to design appropriate risk mitigation where appropriate for CLT buildings.  The construction applications of structures relevant to this paper are buildings such as houses, flats, schools, sports halls and civic centres.
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