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Information Centre

advice notes, information papers, construction details & technical bulletins

Technical Library

Technical Consultant Feedback Notes

Includes information on projects the STA are involved in such as Zero Carbon Hub project for overheating and thermal mass - plus much more...

SIPS Technical Bulletins

BM TRADA has been commissioned to develop a series of Technical Bulletins which are intended to provide the reader with introductory information on using structural insulated panels for construction.

Structural Timber Engineering Bulletins

A series of technical documents relating to Structural Timber. These bulletins were first published in 'The Structural Engineer'.

Guide to Fire Risk Mitigation

 This section is designed to be viewed alongside the the Structural Timber Association 'Guide to Fire Risk Mitigation' video.The video can be viewed in our video vault - please copy and paste the following URL to view: video aims to assist designers in Structural Timber Frame fire safety during construction. In this section you will find downloadable pdf's of all documents referenced in the video which will provide you with the necessary supporting information. 

Advice Notes

Our Technical Committee are working hard to bring you a series of advice notes relating to Timber Frame, Solid Wood and Structural Insulated Panels.

Site Safe

Site Safe has been developed by the Structural Timber Association (STA) to ensure its members work closely with principal contractors/clients to give clear concise information and assistance to the principal contractor regarding fire safety on construction sites.

Structural Documents

Includes Technical Guidance Note 5 -Recommendations for Podia and Structural Guidance for Platform Timber Frame

Construction Documents

Includes information on propping, bracing, cavity barriers, perimeter fencing, wireless fire alarms and much more...

Design Documents

Includes information on cavity barriers, separating distance, differential movement and much more...
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