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Structural timber is the fastest growing
construction method in the UK


Structural timber systems are increasingly
becoming the self-builders construction
material of choice


Timber is increasingly becoming the building
material of choice for private and social housing


CLT and glulam is the fastest growing
modern method of construction for retail applications

The STA is currently the country's leading timber organisation, which represents a wide membership of businesses and people involved in construction using engineered timber, from across the UK.

The STA leads the industry on quality, health & safety, education, technical knowledge and customer service. The STA's activities include seminars, factory tours, research, provision of information, networking, advocacy and discussion.

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In conjunction with the STA Member’s commitment to only use STA accredited Erectors and Installers by 1st January 2019 we have a “One Off” Special Offer joining fee of £250 plus vat for all New Erectors and Installers (this offer will close 31st Dec 2019).

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Latest Projects...

Toryglen Nursing Home

Toryglen Nursing Home

The Toryglen Nursing Home development is a part of Glasgow City Council’s multi-million pound programme to build five new care homes and four day centres in the city. Following a successful partnership on a similar project last year, DTE was brought in by contractor City Building LLP to supply attic trusses and Finnjoist floor cassettes for the 120-room, eight-wing site.

Furness Academy - Case Study

Furness Academy - Case Study

Furness Academy has been hailed as a ground-breaking project - one of the largest educational facilities to be developed in the UK, using cross laminated timber (CLT), as the core structural component. From conception to completion, this evaluation incorporates input from all contributors, with the aim of demonstrating the successful collaboration of specialist organisations working together professionally and coherently at all levels to ensure the safe delivery of an outstanding project - on time and within budget. The Academy has achieved outstanding environmental performance for the structural frame with sequestered carbon values of -1395 tonnes of CO2e.

Premier Inn, Walsall Waterfront

Premier Inn, Walsall Waterfront

The development was based on 2.2 acres of brownfield land, where more than 300 homes and apartments as well as a Premier Inn hotel were to be constructed. This was the final part of a development programme planned to transform the town which, in recent years, has seen a new hospital, college and art gallery. Walsall was in desperate need of regeneration, and this development programme has been described as a massive vote of confidence for the city centre, as employment in the local area was at an all-time low. Whitbread were central to this project, opening a large Brewers Fayre restaurant alongside the hotel.

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